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News tonight: Positive about the suggested Border Adjustment Tax and NAFTA.

Announced today by the U.S. Government (source: Fox News at 3:00PM) Tax Reform Bill to be the new priority. OUT – House Proposal for a Border Adjustment Tax on Imported Goods NAFTA – Commentary from earlier this year has become much more conciliatory in recent weeks and days – relations with both Mexico and Canada have softened, and negotiations, if at all, are expected to factor in the mutual interests of all three nations. ABC Aluminum has a seat on … Continue reading

Mayors of SD and Tijuana Visit Washington D.C

The Mayors of San Diego and Tijuana Go to Washington D.C. to Promote a Special Economic Cross Border Relationship The Mayors of San Diego and Tijuana are in Washington, D.C. this week to advocate for open & fair trade Between the U.S. and Mexico As they continue to support the open and fair trade between the United States and Mexico, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer and Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum are in Washington, D.C. today and tomorrow to advocate for … Continue reading

ABC’s New Horizontal Powder Coating Line is now Fully Operational

A year ago, ABC purchased an additional seven acres of land adjacent to its 67 acres of property. The first building, completed last year was to house the new Kautec Press. ABC is now pleased to announce that the adjacent building, approximating to 150,000 Sq. Ft. has been fully equipped with a new powder coating facility, that benefits from the latest technology. Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, today said “we examined closely our clients’ needs and decided to move forward … Continue reading

Update Regarding Positive Steps Taken by the White House for the Aluminum Industry resulting from today’s Executive Order, and the Decision late yesterday to Cooperatively Renegotiate NAFTA in place of a complete withdrawal that had originally been suggested


There are two significant events that have taken place in the past 24 hours, that are positive for the North American aluminum industry, and for free trade; we have been keeping you updated with relevant news and information obtained via our seat on the Aluminum Association’s Government Affairs Committee in D.C. Executive Order 232 directs investigation into Chinese dumping to assess the need for taxes and tariffs on imports from China and some other Asian countries such as perhaps, for … Continue reading

ABC Takes Delivery and Begins Installation of the Most Up To Date Technology Horizontal Powder Coating Line, adding a Third Powder Coating Production Capability


With five presses in production, the demand for volume of manufacture of the highest quality powder coating finishes has been increasing; a decision was taken during 2016 to add a further coating line to bolster the state-of-the-art vertical line introduced three years ago – one that would greatly outpace the efficiency of the horizontal line that has been the workhorse for many years, and as a third line, significantly augment capacity and, with its latest technology available, ABC’s capability. More … Continue reading

Further and Positive Update Regarding News About a Suggested Border Adjustment Tax (we believe now unlikely to apply to ABC) and Renegotiation of NAFTA (Greatly watered-down from earlier ideas). And a Joint San Diego- Tijuana Initiative Last Week with a Business Delegation to Mexico City to Promote the Value of the San Diego-TJ/Northern Baja Relationship and Economy


This adds to our February 22nd release. Regarding the subject of speculation about the Administration’s direction about a Border Adjustment Tax/Tariffs, and renegotiation of NAFTA, ABC has been staying on top of the information about this subject; we thought it helpful to provide a further update. It appears increasingly likely that what was being mooted about a Border Tax will NOT now happen. As mentioned at the beginning of the year, ABC is on the Aluminum Association’s Government Affairs Committee … Continue reading

ABC Staff Donate Time for a Pet Neutering Event for the Local Community as this month’s contribution to ABC’s 2017 Social Responsibility Program


Tents were erected and vets arranged; then ABC’s staff, who had previously advertised this event within the local community, welcomed and hosted residents from Santa Fe, ABC’s neighboring town that has been newly constructed adjacent to the plant during the past twenty years. The invitation, and this extended to employees as well, was to bring pets, mainly dogs and cats, to a complimentary neutering service paid for by ABC. This was another practical way to demonstrate ABC’s appreciation of the … Continue reading

ABC Staff Donate Time for a Cleaning and Clearing Project as part of ABC’s Ongoing Social Responsibility Policy and Stepped-up 2017 Initiative and Plan


Since 1999 when Wadih Kuri took ownership of the business, renaming it ABC Aluminum Solutions, a theme of his approach to the local community of Santa Fe, – that in the intervening years has continued to grow as a housing neighborhood around the plant – has been to be a responsible and, wherever possible, generous neighbor. These are just a few of the more major examples; landscaping and screening with trees between the new construction that more closely borders housing, … Continue reading

Update – the Aluminum Association’s Government Affairs Committee has learned via their considerable connections within Washington D.C. that there is mounting push-back among Republicans in Congress against any Tariffs or Taxation on Broad Imports from Mexico.


ABC Aluminum has a Seat on the Committee and is therefore kept up to date with information emanating from the Hill. Below is commentary received today, being the most recent perspective on the new Administration’s objectives, and Congress’s position(s). The Tariff issue that has been in the news is one that ABC has been following closely and, as we advised in January, we want to ensure that we pass on any, and all, relevant information that we receive. The border … Continue reading

ABC Attends the first 2017 Meeting of the Aluminum Association’s Government Affairs Committee, held in Washington D.C.


Agenda: Meeting of the Government & International Affairs Committee January 26, 2017 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM 1400 Crystal Drive Suite 430 Arlington, VA 1-877-744-6641, 6010 Mike Belwood, Chair Call to Order – Mike Belwood, Arconic Safety announcement – Curt Wells, Association Antitrust Policy – Lee Simowitz, Baker Hostetler Approve November 2016 Minutes – Mike Belwood, Arconic Political Landscape in Washington, D.C. – Bob Harris, Nutter Harris; Jack Nutter, Nutter Harris; Rich Goodstein, Goodstein Associates Update on CAFE Regulation – … Continue reading