We provide comprehensive solutions for aluminum, extrusion services that adapt to your profile

Quality processes


At ABC Aluminum, we can provide extrusion services, manufacturing, finishing, and assembly/kitting services, each with characteristics that are properly adjusted to the aluminum profile that our clients recquire. We offer an added value to our complete service package, providing them with our warehouse management system.

Complete advice to optimally improve your aluminum product is a tangible reality, creating new processes and adapting our machines and staff to your needs.


We create your ideas into something tangible

We outline your idea by exerting adequate pressure so that the aluminum profile becomes versatile, providing the ability to change shape and create the desired product.


1 press of 7”, 1 press of 8” and 1 press of 12” diameter will be added to the production capacity by June 2023.

Current capacity with existing machines: 13,312,000 lbs.
Capacity with new presses: 19000000 lbs


We make your product

Our aluminum factory service makes it possible to translate your idea into an aluminum profile according to your requirements, contributing our experience with the process and machining suitable for the product.


Aesthetics, durability, and performance for your product

We optimally improve the profile, providing anodized aluminum and powder coating process for the product, enhancing durability and protection from corrosion and the adverse effects of elements and time.


Connection and packing

We design optimal alternatives for your product’s operation, providing a packaging that adapts to the needs of the project and includes the necessary materials for its ideal commercialization.

Warehouse management

Complete solution

A fundamental part of our entire package for your project is providing a system where we collaborate with the control of your inventory, storage, and administration of your products, providing you with comfort and security. Vendor managed inventories and Kanban programs are available as well.


State-of-the-art casting house

In brief, its task is to transform raw material, the majority of which is scrap for recycling, with a small amount of virgin aluminum, to which chemicals such as magnesium are added, into pure log-shaped aluminum billet ready for the extrusion process.

Internationally recognized quality services

Die Cast is more than just Molten Aluminum