The ABC Family adds to their community assistance during this time of covid-19 by providing significant equipment and supplies to Rosarito’s principal Health Center.

Rosarito is a neighboring resort city a few miles south of ABC’s plant. It is also where Hisense televisions are manufactured and is home to a number of our close-to 2,000 employees. It has a resident population of a little over 70,000.

Since word first broke about this virus, we have supported the hospitals and people of Tijuana in various ways, including with donations of medical equipment such as ventilators and beds; also PPE: together with major contributions to the city’s food pantry, 

ABC is one of the largest employers in the local region of Rosarito, if not the largest, and this week presented their principal health clinic with badly needed resources, including a sizeable quantity of Personal Protection Equipment, and a state-of-the-art Disinfecting/Sanitizing Booth, along with all the specialty chemicals required, with sufficient stocks to last well into the summer.

We will continue to provide assistance and help in any way we can. 

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