New Electrical Substation: High Voltage and Increased Productivity

Electrical Substation

ABC Aluminum Solutions has just integrated a 32-megawatt electrical substation into its Santa Fe plant in Tijuana to support the company’s growth, enhance productivity, reliability of supply, and introduce efficient, less costly, energy.

A substation is essentially a large transformer that changes high voltage to medium or low voltage, and vice versa, depending upon the need and application. By facilitating direct access to the country’s transmission and distribution network’s high voltage supply – the local supply was medium voltage – this upgrade enables the company to add new specialized heavy-duty machinery to its operations.

Additional features and benefits include that power can be bought at wholesale rates, thus achieving significant savings also, it guarantees supply reliability. For example, only if the grid goes down would electrical supply be lost, an extremely rare event. This removes risks associated with local outages caused by equipment failure, weather, and maintenance. Furthermore, and importantly, ABC can return clean energy to the Federal Electricity Commission, the state-owned electric utility of Mexico, widely known as CFE, a further step in ABC’s mission to reduce its carbon footprint and maximize sustainability.

ABC Aluminum Solutions’ engineers responsible for the installation of the substation consider it to be a significant achievement that places the company among the only industrial businesses in northwest Mexico to have a plant of this type.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, speaking at the switching on ceremony said” After nearly 30 years of operation as one of the leading aluminum extrusion producers in Mexico, ABC Aluminum Solutions continues its dynamic growth, with investments in new assets and resources. This policy of remaining at the forefront of a competitive and ever-changing market ensures that we stay abreast of the latest technology, and best serve our diverse customer base.

To achieve this requires not just the production capacity, but also a stable and plentiful supply of energy. Customer demand increasingly is for extrusions with dimensions and specifications that require highly technical specialized machinery which operate at high voltages. A dedicated 32 megawatt high-voltage network provides the necessary power for these advanced extrusion production capabilities.

I want to thank everyone involved at every stage of this important project, the contractors, consultants, and all the highly talented and experienced engineers. Thank you!”

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