ABC Aluminum Solutions Expands Production Capacity by 60% to Meet Growing Demand.

ABC Aluminum Solutions is excited to announce its significant expansion of production capacity as a leading provider of aluminum products.

This expansion is driven by the increasing demands of major clients in a highly competitive market. With the addition of three cutting-edge extrusion presses, ABC Aluminum Solutions is well-positioned to exceed customer expectations.

The investment in these state-of-the-art extrusion presses underscores ABC’s commitment to delivering the highest quality products to its valued customers. This expansion will create over 150 new job opportunities, providing a substantial boost to the local economy.

The new extrusion presses have an impressive 12-inch billet extrusion capacity, allowing ABC to process over 6,000,000 pounds of aluminum per month. Starting from September 2023, these advanced presses will be fully operational, enabling ABC Aluminum Solutions to meet the growing market demands promptly.

Advanced extrusion presses

Furthermore, integrating these advanced extrusion presses will elevate ABC’s production capacity from 15,720,000 to an impressive 25,000,000 pounds per month. This substantial increase will enhance customer service and solidify ABC’s industry leadership.

Moreover, The three extrusion presses, occupying 13,700 square meters, feature cutting-edge technology. They have short-stroke, front-loading extruders, long entry lengths, floor-mounted pumps, and fast-action side-mounted servo motors. This ensures optimal efficiency and consistent, high-quality extrusions.

As a recognized leader in the aluminum industry, ABC Aluminum Solutions takes great pride in its international reputation for excellence. The addition of these extrusion presses has generated excitement throughout the entire team, as they are poised to meet growing expectations of clients.

ABC Aluminum Solutions’ ongoing commitment to investment, technology, and market-driven insights allows the company to maintain its leadership position in aluminum extrusion and manufacturing. ABC remains dedicated to providing the highest quality products and driving a brighter future for all.

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