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Custom solutions

At ABC Aluminum, we show flexibility by including new processes according to our clients’ requirements, providing better ways to improve their product, and adapting the specific machinery that corresponds to it.

Being a factory of aluminum profiles, which provides a complete service in the production of your idea, we offer our clients customization in developing their project and continuously exporting the finished product directly to the United States, Canada, and other countries


Specialized machinery for your product

We know how important the development and process of each project is, which is why we offer the ability to invest in equipment and machining that adapts to your needs. We rely on hydraulic die cutters and CNC machines that support different lengths for the product requirements.

ABC adaptation

We use quality tools that make it possible to accept profiles up to 48 feet in length, we machine your product on a single table, and we are unique in our ability to provide you with a complete solution.

Manufacturing Equipment // CNC



We understand the needs of your product

We are an ideal option in the industry, providing you with different factory and extrusion services that include complete development for your idea, always adapting to each of your requirements. We work with quality in your product, and we have the ability to:

With ABC Aluminum, you have everything in one place.

We provide a variety of advantages by ensuring all our services within the same plant, without the need to look for external alternatives and without dealing with different suppliers at the same time, giving you the comfort you need and avoiding confusion and errors in your product. This turn key solution positions ABC Aluminum as your solution provider. Our passion is to deliver a product with added value, a truly comprehensive solution.


You can find us everywhere

Our manufacturing service is of vital importance for your product, providing its creation and the flexibility to include new processes. We have a solid track record as aluminum supplier for engineering and design:

We exceed your expectations

We adapt to each requirement that your product needs, providing a comprehensive solution. Our team in new products introduction will discuss your timeline and offer options regarding timing for release of first articles and production runs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In general, we handle the 6000 series, and our more specific alloys are 6063, 6060, 6105, 6005 and 6061.

We have two types of alloy families within the 6000 series:

  • Non-structural (profiles not subjected to any structural force) 6063 and 6060
  • Structural alloys
    6105, 6005 and 6061
  • Machining equipment for optimal profile creation
  • Die-cutting machine, providing precision in each material
  • Our CNC models, adapting to the different requirements of the product
  • Our ovens, which give us some flexibility for products
Our standard length is 24 feet, but due to our flexibility, we are capable of adapting to longer lengths.

We adapt to every need that your product requires