Substantial Earthmoving Development Expansion Second Ten Inch Press

Substantial Investment and Expansion Underway – An Adjacent Hillside Being Developed to Accommodate New Re-melt Facility, Second Ten-inch Press and Second Fully-Automated Anodizing Facility

This picture gives a clear indication of the extent to which ABC’s 2019 into 2020 expansion is continuing. The land seen here is a hilltop above the main plant being transformed virtually overnight. 

With ABC’s 85-plus acre main plant now fully built-out, and all neighboring buildings of any size already leased by ABC for fabrication and warehousing, the available remaining option has been to buy the undeveloped land above the plant.

This project represents one of the largest earthmoving projects in the region in recent years.

The first 100,000sq.ft. superstructure is reaching the roofing stage now. This will house ABC’s new second ten-inch-circle heavy duty press – allowing for shapes up to a ten-inch diameter to be extruded. Then will come construction for the automated anodizing line – this will have even more capacity and capability than the existing; and towards Q4 work will begin with erection of a large re-melt facility, itself meeting the definition of a factory plant in its own right.

Wadih Kuri said today “We are extremely pleased to have had the good fortune to find space available and the financing to move forward with this major development for the company. This has all been made possible through the tremendous relationships we have built and continue to build, with new ones being added and demand for our premium-quality products growing.

I also take this opportunity to again thank not just our highly valued customers, but also every one of our hard-working employees who come to work every day and give their most. And with a project on this scale that involves many professional advisers, contractors and suppliers, our great appreciation is extended to all these significant contributors as well.

As our plans move toward fruition, we will be adding progress updates. Thank you.”

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