ABC Continues Its Commitment of Maximizing the Quality of Its Employees’ Working Lives, Consideration and Support to the Local Community, and Respect for the Environment

This initiative for the welfare of employees and ABC’s commitment to the environment may appear small, but it potentially saves the disposal of 4000 plus plastic water bottles… a day!
Plus improves COVID protection by avoiding the handling of paper cups and cup dispensers.

ABC is distributing an individual drinks bottle to every employee. Benefits include additional COVID-19 protection when compared to constant handling of paper cup dispensers. They are completely reusable over the long term, saving huge quantities of paper and trash; also, they  enable our 2000 employees to carry water on the way in to work and on their way home, contributing even more to the environment, because water in disposable plastic bottles will no longer be needed.\

“If every employee uses a disposable bottle of water coming to work, and another on the way back, that is 4000 bottles. Just in one day!” 

This initiative represents another practical example of ABC’s commitment to the welfare of its employees and the environment.

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