What Should a Good Metal Fabrication Company Offer?

Not all meta fabrication companies are created equal. There are certain requirements a company should meet before you give them your business.

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Complete CAD designs made to your specifications by qualified engineers
Certification according to high quality industry requirements
CNC machining – This guarantees precision parts from start to finish.
A selection of high quality aluminum alloys
Short lead times
Custom aluminum extrusion as well as a catalog of stock dies
All equipment in their manufacturing plant should be state of the art
Aluminum anodizing – the process that increases the metals resistance to corrosion and allows primer and paint to adhere better to the metal
Quality control throughout the manufacturing process
Aluminum coating and finishing to your requirements

You want find all of this in a one stop company so you don’t have to spread your project over several different places.

If you’re in the United States you want to be able to visit their offices without having to travel out of the country.

A company with all these qualifications can be found here: www.abc-aluminum.com
They can work with you on your project from the beginning planning stages, through-out the manufacturing process, and all the way to delivery.

Die Cast is more than just Molten Aluminum