The types of powder coating most commonly used in the industry


Different types of powder coating used in aluminum projects offer corrosion resistance and an esthetic appeal to each product. We characterize paint as a ground plastic composed of color pigments, additives, resin, and flow agents for optimal adherence to the aluminum profile. 

Powder coating is a dry process that provides a durable and proper quality finish, allowing mass production, efficiency, and care for the environment. With decorative and protective finishes, this type of coatings is available in various textures and colors, in addition to the properties generated thanks to its application.

The benefits of using powder coatings.

Using powder coatings provides high-quality finishes, esthetically pleasing, besides providing resistance to scratches, corrosion, weather, and chemical components, depending on the type of material selected for your powder coating.

The treatment done with the powder coating provides a tough and durable life. Some powder coating layers offer 1-3 years of durability. Others can provide up to 10 years. The heat melts and cross-links the coating with the surface and the standard polyester powder coating’s advantages or the epoxy powder coating.


The types of powder coating most commonly used are:

  • Polyester powder coating:
    • It provides good mechanical resistance, allowing great flexibility and some impact resistance. 
    • Chemical resistance and an expected UV resistance of 1 or 3 years, helping out in interior applications and some exterior usage. Making it a limited exterior coating for exterior conditions.
    • Due to being the most commonly used powder coating, it has an extensive variety of color choices, gloss levels, and special effects.
  • Epoxy powder coating:
    • This type of powder coating provides better resistance to corrosion and chemical resistance. 
    • One of the disadvantages is the low resistance to exterior conditions. 
    • The project material would need to have indoor applications or would need to be properly taken care of for a longer life span.

Other powder coating options

Other powder coatings are available, such as hybrids mixing different types of resins from polyester and epoxy powder coatings. Being able to know the details of what your project’s needs are, it’s the best way to provide solutions.

At ABC Aluminum, we have powder coating solutions

We are capable of adapting to the aluminum profile you require, according to the type of use given to it commercially. 

We are an aluminum factory committed to your successful project. We count on an expensive experience on knowing the main advantages and disadvantages any of the type of finishing your project needs. We can accompany and contrast depending on the suitability of a specific application.

Get in contact with us to talk about your project, provide the different types of powder coatings that could provide better tough durability and resistance, as well as an esthetic appeal.

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