New welding robot increases production by more than 600%

New tech

ABC’s newest addition adds cutting-edge technology to our production line. The new aluminum welding robot has two arms and six axes that operate individually, allowing the production line to multiply production and lower the costs to our customers.   

At Aluminio de Baja California, we always apply the newest and best technology that improves the quality and quantity of our employee’s work; this allows us to offer more competitive pricing to our clients.

With an investment of more than 600,000 dollars, the incorporation of a new aluminum welding robot increased our production of pole welding by 603% and rail welding by 467%, which also represents that our customers save over 190,000 dollars per year.

How does it work?

The device has two robotic arms in one cell with six axes that move freely and have MIG-type welding torches on each end.

The cell is equipped with a loading section and a welding section allowing the operator to load material on one area while the robot welds on the other side.

Technical specs:
  • (2) FANUC Arc Mate 100iD/8L R-30iB Plus Controller
  • (2) Fronius TPS 500i PULSE /nc – PMC & CMT welding process
  • 3.0-meters table diameter (1.5)-meters swing diameter
  • 480V, 3Ph, 60Hz, estimated 120 AMPS each system
Why do we need a welding robot?

In addition to facilitating and speeding up our collaborators’ work in the welding area, the robot increases the production of posts and rails for our customers; this improves the product’s appearance by incrementing the consistency of the welding techniques.

Comparative Chart: Robot Welding Vs. Manual Welding
ModelManual WeldingRobot% Increase
Units per shift
6’ Handrail1359454%
8’ Handrail1048480%

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