This week would have been adventurous and full of challenges overcome, without the unexpected and certainly most unwelcome and dangerous incident that occurred on Tuesday, June 9th

The emergency was completely handled by ABC’s courageous firefighting and medical team, who went into full battle-onslaught to quell and ultimately defeat the huge risk of conflagration, with leaping and rapidly advancing flames threatening our plant and the surrounding neighborhood.

Multiple fires broke out, seemingly by spontaneous combustion, on the hillsides adjacent to, and surrounding, the plant’s main buildings at exactly 12:50pm on Tuesday, 9th of June, at the hottest time of the hottest day in Tijuana this year. Outside temperatures exceeded 95 degrees. The danger was exacerbated by persistently strong winds. 

Fortunately, a threat such as this had been foreseen in recent years, with contingency plans already in place for just such an eventuality or, equally as bad, a fire within the plant itself. ABC established its own firefighting force a while ago. Which happened to be more than fortuitous because on the day that this occurred, Tijuana was faced with reportedly 49 fires to be dealt with all over and around the City.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO put out an announcement; “I, and the entire ABC family, would especially like to recognize the dedication, skill, courage and bravery, and fast-thinking, of our firefighting and fire-medical teams. And pass on to them also the grateful thanks of our residential neighbors who also were exposed to extreme risk.

Thank you from us all!”

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