Borders Remain Open Fully For Shipment of Goods and Everyone On Business Related Travel

This is an update to the press release of a few days ago addressing COVID-19.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, ABC Aluminum, issued this today: “This morning, as you have probably heard on the news, the President of the United States announced that from midnight tonight Friday, both borders will have restrictions on non-essential crossing.

I want to reassure you, and confirm that although shoppers and those on non-essential travel will not be allowed through, in all other cases of legitimate business, for education, medical and similarly necessary purposes, the border remains fully open. Equally importantly, trade and shipment of goods across the border are to flow freely, just as they do now.

Separately, and in addition, I can mention that the further protective precautions and work practises introduced this week at ABC are working well, and production is not being impeded.

The resourcefulness and cooperation that is emerging as we engage these seemingly daily adjustments to the rhythm of typical day-to-day life, is quite remarkable. To all our valued customers and employees, thank you: and I wish you and your families the best of everything during these challenging times. As I said the other day, once this is behind us, we will all emerge more robust than before”.

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