ABC’s New Horizontal Powder Coating Line is now Fully Operational

A year ago, ABC purchased an additional seven acres of land adjacent to its 67 acres of property. The first building, completed last year was to house the new Kautec Press.
ABC is now pleased to announce that the adjacent building, approximating to 150,000 Sq. Ft. has been fully equipped with a new powder coating facility, that benefits from the latest technology.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, today said “we examined closely our clients’ needs and decided to move forward with this major investment. Our existing horizontal and vertical paint/powder plants have accommodated capacity, but demand continues to grow.

With orders and volume increasing, and the need to provide even greater excellence, and perfection, that the most recent technological advances enable, this new plant provides ABC with the ability to powder coat our extrusions to the very highest levels of precision.
Some while ago, AAMA Certification 2603, 2604 and 2605 (twenty years) was Awarded to ABC; as a result, I felt that it was incumbent upon us to ensure that we have all the latest, most up-to-date resources, in order that we can deliver volumes demanded, that are, each and every piece, in full compliance with these critical Industry Standards.

This is another major step forward as ABC expands its business and capabilities, and client-opportunities. I want to thank everyone involved in ensuring the success of this important project”.

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