ABC Staff Donate Time for a Cleaning and Clearing Project as part of ABC’s Ongoing Social Responsibility Policy and Stepped-up 2017 Initiative and Plan

Since 1999 when Wadih Kuri took ownership of the business, renaming it ABC Aluminum Solutions, a theme of his approach to the local community of Santa Fe, – that in the intervening years has continued to grow as a housing neighborhood around the plant – has been to be a responsible and, wherever possible, generous neighbor.

DSC00015These are just a few of the more major examples; landscaping and screening with trees between the new construction that more closely borders housing, a noise curfew at 9:30 PM every night (all materials for overnight production are moved inside and doors are closed by this time), routing of heavy transport to avoid local roads, bus services for staff, in part to reduce traffic as the number of employees has grown from 200 to 1250-plus, improvements to the water runoff drainage sluice system that runs through the center of this town built in a valley, and last year the completion of a USD1million paved and lit bypass from the highway to the plant.

This month, a task force of employee volunteers was organized. After lunch, the Limpia (Limpia in English means Clean) Team was given paid time away from their normal duties to collect shirts and protective equipment, trash bags and tools, and then span out within the factory, and the area that surrounds the plant, and collect every type of discarded rubbish, loose masonry, and everything that did not belong, to Spring Clean ABC’s grounds and the neighborhood close to ABC’s operations.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, said today

“I personally, and all our senior management as well, many of whom joined in to organize, want to express a huge message of thanks to every one of you who took part in this project and mission, that made a real difference, and for the benefits you accomplished!

Your efforts, dedication to the task, and hard work is tremendously appreciated, and I know that our neighbors in the community echo this as well.

Again, thank you all. A really great job!”

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