Abc initiates many social and community projects in 2017 – to give back…

ABC is in its 18th Year now under the ownership of Wadih Kuri. And there has been great growth and success. In 2017, a program of community, and employee-oriented projects was introduced. Pictures follow; just some, included:
A Family Day where staff came to the Teleton Rehabilitation Center (CRIT) as volunteers to help families and children who were patients
Neighborhood Cleaning as an Event to clear the locality of Santa Fe that ABC calls home – to be a good neighbor
Day of Kings – the children of all ABC’s 1250-plus employees were treated to a day out at the cinema
Pet Sterilization – this can be expensive, and so ABC wanted to offer a free sterilization program for employees and the community locally
The Day of the Child – children of employees and the neighborhood were treated to a wonderful day out and memory by visiting El Trompo, the special interactive Children’s Museum in Tijuana
Everyone involved really enjoyed and appreciated, and Wadih Kuri said “my great thanks and sincere appreciation to all those who gave their valuable time to make these events such a success, and to all those who enjoyed and benefited, thank you for coming, and that we could make a difference is its own reward. We look forward to seeing you in 2018. Again, thank you all”

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