ABC exhibits at Tijuana Innovadora at the World Trade Center in Tijuana November 3rd to November 10th

dsc_0299ABC has been a proud sponsor of, and participant in, Tijuana Innovadora, now in its fourth biennial year. The purpose behind this very popular Expo is to create an experience for all in Tijuana and the surrounding cities and towns to enjoy and learn from.

The packed program that ran from November 3rd to the 10th:

Images that illustrate the range and quality of the activities:

A major objective is to share Tijuana with its neighbor San Diego, and to publicize just how much business cooperation takes place between the two municipalities, that together represent one of the largest industrial blocs in North America.

Also, to foster understanding and friendship between two distinctly different cultures, and highlight the truly remarkable richness of life in all its respects that lie within physical sight of each other, but are so often not fully appreciated, or even known.

Buses transported visitors across the Border each day from Balboa Park in San Diego.

Link to San Diego Union Tribune Article – that includes a short introductory video:

Out of the everyday public eye, there are very active and productive political and business relationships that have for years, but do so ever more actively, work together, on both sides of the Border – to benefit the commercial growth of the region to maximize economic, and social benefits.

Just one example: significant advances and real improvements in cross-border traffic wait-times have been achieved for vehicles and pedestrians. And this year the walk-way linking San Diego to Tijuana’s airport was completed, opening a gateway to many more flight options.

These, and many more, are the result of the substantial initiatives and efforts by many civic and industry leaders in Tijuana and San Diego.

The concept behind Tijuana Innovadora is to enlighten all, and illustrate the energy and resourcefulness of Tijuana and, also, broader Mexico; manufacturing and technology yes, but equally culture, the arts in all their forms, current affairs and societal trends, cuisine, the environment, and much more.

In addition, a founding principle is that through practical involvement, there may be a much greater appreciation, for both cities, and their surrounding regions, of the vast resources of opportunity and potential in their midst.

abc-innovadora-2016Dignitaries opening the Expo included Senor Galicot, a founding pioneer of Tijuana Innovadora, and now principal organizer, third from left. On the far right is Dr. Jose Astiazaran, the Mayor of Tijuana, standing next to Kevin Faulconer, San Diego’s Mayor. Senor Humberto Jaramillo, Head of Tijuana’s Business Coordination Council is far left.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO expressed today

“Senor Galicot is a friend, and I join in thanking him for his vision and tireless commitment, time and dedication, as well as all those many others who, also, committed their support to this meaningful and valuable forum and showcase of everything that is really fine and special about our city of Tijuana; the vibrant industry here, the growth, the improvements to our infrastructure, and the positive changes that are still being made, and how we contribute to the cross-border region as a whole.

Tijuana Innovadora is an Event; a moment in the calendar where families, and young people on the cusp of their working careers and lives, and children, can learn, participate, and take pride.

This special Expo is an opportunity for us to come together as a community and, also, be a window for San Diego and Southern California to more fully appreciate how our diversity enriches, and see firsthand how in so many ways we have much in common.
We, all together, from this week will have many memories and experiences to take away, and learn from.

Tijuana Innovadora also demonstrates how much we have to look forward to in the future; so, a toast to the success of this show, and to the next, in 2018.

Thank you all.”

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