ABC Coordinates Charity Golf Tournament Raising Almost USD200,000 to Benefit Tijuana’s Children’s Museum, El Trompo.

Golf tournament

The last Friday in August has become an annual tradition. This year, there will be
more than 300 participants as players and sponsors, of which at least 150 will be
business owners and senior corporate executives.

It is truly a fun day, but the serious side of this event is to raise money for a good
cause; this year, it is El Trompo, Tijuana’s Children’s Museum. In particular, the
goal is to provide funds for the transportation of children and young people living
in rural areas so that they may enjoy all the many interactive educational
experiences provided at El Trompo.

Wadih Kuri, ABC’s President and CEO, speaking today said: “I want to say a huge
thank you! to all our customers and suppliers who have most generously stepped
forward as sponsors. We set a goal of $100,000, and yet we have almost doubled
that. Your valuable contributions have accumulated to nearly $200,000!

Children of all ages so enjoy their day at El Trompo. The many exhibits on several
floors are interactive, to provide a participative educational and inspirational
experience, opening young minds to all the possibilities involving the many facets
of the arts, sciences, and world around us.

This money will open an opportunity for children in rural areas, many of which are
underprivileged, and have no access to transportation of their own, or via their
school, to be able to visit. Now, they will be able to receive all the many benefits
El Trompo offers. Plus, it will bring some joy to their lives, which are often quite
disadvantaged and difficult.

So, again, thank you for helping us help others! We are going to enjoy a great day
on the 26 th !”

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