ABC breaks ground for further construction at its main plant to house an advanced automated anodizing facility

puzzle success financial bar chart graphABC announces still further major capital investment; an automated anodizing plant with major capacity; to enable labor-efficient and rapid high quality anodizing that utilizes the latest technology.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, said today “there is a significant shortfall in capacity currently in North America for fine anodizing finishes; so we have taken the decision to step-up and make what amounts to a more than five million dollar investment.

As with every capital investment we have made in the past several years, for example our new SMS-Meer and Presezzi presses and ancillary equipment, the Decoral System for wood finishes, our new vertical paint plant, or Romidot for replicating shapes to CNC ready-to -manufacture drawings, and Lloyd test equipment, just to name a few, a great deal of research was undertaken to identify the optimum automated anodizing facility. We believe that our choice, and this decision, will augment ABC’s overall manufacturing capabilities and excellence of finish; and will further supplement our ability to meet and exceed client needs”.

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