ABC becomes a Member of the Aluminum Association’s influential Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) includes specialist lawyers and lobbyists based in Washington D.C., as well as leading primary and secondary producers who provide input across a full spectrum of knowledge and experience regarding the needs and preferred direction of the industry.

The full roster of primary and secondary producer-members is as follows:

  1. Mike Belwood, Arconic, Committee Chairman
  2. Anne Clawson, Alcoa
  3. Sonya Harden, Alcoa
  4. John Lapides, United
  5. Ken Willings, Aleris
  6. Tim Evans, ABC Aluminum
  7. Ian Littlewood, Rusal
  8. John Barneson, Kaiser
  9. Todd Malan, Rio Tinto
  10. RyanStanton, Rio Tinto
  11. Matthew Bianco, Novelis
  12. Fiona Bell, Novelis

Immediately, since the November election, the GAC has been working closely alongside the Trump administration’s Transition Team. The Committee represents the aluminum industry’s manufacturers across the whole of North America.

Wadih Kuri, ABC’s President and CEO said today

“we are very pleased to have this opportunity to join, and participate on, the Aluminum Association’s Government Affairs Committee. And contribute to, and assist with, steering the commercial interests of the industry, for maximizing the industry’s influence, broadly, and specifically, in shaping emerging government policy, and ensuring that the entire North American corporate manufacturing business interests within the aluminum industry are protected and furthered”.

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