ABC Aluminum’s Turnkey Vertical Paint and Coatings Plant Now Undergoing Final Testing; And AkzoNobel Features ABC’s New Capabilities in their Quarterly Newsletter Distributed to Architects Throughout North America.

vertical-powder-coatingBeginning over three years ago, and at the fullest depths of the recession, ABC Aluminum Solutions decided to embark upon a major program of expansion.

Past Press Releases have kept visitors to the web site informed regarding many landmark moments; at every step, this expansion has been carefully balanced with the company’s growth in client business and to offer the industry’s best to meet today’s needs and expectations.

Over the past months, ABC has, in parallel, been constructing a new vertical paint and coatings plant. Undergoing final testing, this plant, manufactured by Trevisan and incorporating their very latest technology, is about to enter full production.

Vertical paint plant design and operation provides a number of advantageous benefits, not the least being that lengths up to 24 feet can be coated, and with even greater perfection.

AkzoNobel, the world’s leading manufacturer of paints and coatings, have featured ABC’s new plant as the perfect example of how vertical coating plants provide substantial benefits over traditional horizontal configurations, in their Fall Newsletter, that is sent to architects throughout the United States and Canada.

Wadih Kuri, ABC’s President and CEO expressed today “everyone involved with the planning, construction, and now testing, of this further major addition to ABC’s capabilities, is extremely pleased that our long partnership with AkzoNobel’s Speciality Coatings Group has resulted in our new capabilities being featured in their Quarterly Newsletter that is distributed to, and is always read with keen interest by, most architects throughout the United States and beyond”.

AkzoNobel’s Newsletter Fall Newsletter featuring ABC can be read here:


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