ABC Aluminum wins preapproval to offer AAMA 2605 and AAMA 2604 certifications – these provide for guaranteeing 20 year coating performance

AAMA-2604-&-2605-CertifiedIn conjunction with IFS, one of North America’s leading suppliers of coating powders, ABC Aluminum several months ago embarked upon a rigorous test program, the purpose of which is to place ABC’s coated extrusions under intensive and environmentally harsh laboratory conditions for six months.

Within the sophisticated test chamber, ABC’s coated extrusions receive continuous salt and chemical spray at various temperatures and pressures. Experienced Research Engineers, certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), continuously monitor for any sign of deterioration or defect.

AAMA2605 and AAMA 2604 are the standards that guarantee the integrity of a coated extrusion for 20 years, though the life expectancy may be much longer than just 20 years. This standard is specified by many architects.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO commented today “we are extremely pleased that in the next days, we will receive formal confirmation that our coated extrusions meet the AAMA2605 and AAMA 2604 standards. Preapproval is not given lightly, so there is probable certainty that based upon test performance to date, the final certificates will be issued. Preapproval certification is important because we can confidently move forward with a number of proposals to supply curtain wall and other systems for various important architectural projects including key landmark building projects across North America”.

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