ABC Aluminum Steps Out into the Heart of the Community With Various Initiatives and Forms of Support By Making a Number of Significant Donations, Providing Manpower, and Utilizing the Company’s Resources, to Provide Hospital Beds and Badly Needed Emergency Equipment, Food Pantry Support and Parcels: And Other Donations, Even Creating and Managing an Online At-Home Competition With Prizes, including a Samsung 4K TV, Gaming Console, and an ipad: To Bring Self-Isolating and Quarantined Families and All ABC’s Employees and Their Children Together.

The Month of April Has Been a Very Busy One for ABC. The COVID-19 Crisis has been coming closer and closer to Baja California, ABC’s home. While the State and City of Tijuana and other local municipalities, have been making and implementing plans, ABC, as a major employer in the region, has gone into full gear and emergency mode, beginning with research into how best to coordinate, and really make a difference with the advancing needs of the community and the company’s employees’ families; protection, health and support being the number one goals.

Wadih Kuri, speaking today, said “as a family firm, we have a reputation and a culture for going above and beyond in our locality and for our employees, who we consider to be most important and highly valued members of the ABC Family. Over the past few years, you will probably know that we have pursued an objective of being generous in giving back and taking care; of our employees and their families, and those who are our neighbors; also the cities of Tijuana, Rosarito, and beyond.

Nothing could have prepared any of us for the devastation and challenges brought upon society and business by this pandemic. And it has been a challenge. Especially in safeguarding our employees and clients, maintaining production within guidelines, either imposed internally by us or externally by the Mayor and Governor- both of whom we are working closely with- , and in finding the greatest needs out there where we can make the most significant difference.

I want to take this opportunity to thank many people, not least of which are our dedicated team members who have volunteered, and in many cases have given their additional free time, the organizations with whom we have worked and partnered, and all those in positions of leadership within the government and authorities.

With a fair wind and a degree of patience we will come through this, and emerge stronger I believe, as a community and as a company. Times like these are never forgotten, and we will never forget everything you have given. Our best wishes and prayers to each one of you, and each one of your families”.

ABC is followed by many on Facebook who will have seen the initiatives and programs being taken as these have unfolded. For those who do not yet do so, we invite you to visit our Facebook page and follow us as friends, as we will be adding more information into May and beyond.

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