ABC Aluminum Solutions Exhibits their Extrusion and Comprehensive Finishing Capabilities at Tijuana Innovadora – Showcase for Tijuana’s Manufacturing and Cultural Excellence

This is placed on our site as a Press Release for ABC, but also as a Thank You! to Snr. Galicot, whose vision for such an Expo, along with, in 2010, Snr Alejandro Bustamante, founded what has now become what may be considered, a tradition.

Tijuana Innovadora 2012 built upon the 2010 Expo, and Snr. Galico is pictured here below. More about ABC in a moment. At the Closing Ceremony of the event, between October 11th and 21st, Snr Galicot spoke on behalf of many who had supported this singular celebration, that was so successful, and that ABC participated in with a booth in the hall adjacent to the main auditorium, pictures to follow…

From Tijuana Innovadora’s Web Site: October 24, 2012

The Tijuana-San Diego area can become a formidable economic Mega-Region, influential speakers from distinct fields said over and over again during Tijuana Innovadora, which ended with a joyous celebration Sunday night.

“This conference showed, particularly to our young people, that they can do it!,” said the event´s co-founder and president, José Galicot. “Sí se puede!”

A total of 918,446 attended the 11-day conference, according to preliminary figures. That´s up 32 per cent from the inaugural conference in 2010, which lasted 15 days.

The conference consisted of a wide range of speakers and a colorful, interactive product expo. Organizers offered several new components this year, including a Culinary Battle and InnovaModa fashion show. Also new were the 74 workshops, which were attended by 14,800 people, and a variety of cultural events attended by 24,590 at the conference venue, Centro Cultural Tijuana.

As for the speakers, they agreed that nothing else exemplified that engagement better than Tijuana Innovadora, which was organized by a group of residents and supported by around 2,000 more who volunteered their time in the last year to make it a reality.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO of ABC was quoted as saying  “ Tijuana is our home, and our Head Office is in San Diego County. We completely endorse the statement that Tijuana and San Diego should be viewed as a joint economic center that is already a leader, but that has even greater potential. And Tijuana is quintessential to this region’s success. We are so pleased that we were able to both have our place among great international names such as Nissan, Kyocera and Panasonic, and be present with all the companies who participated at this show. They, as we do, believe so completely in the residents of our region, and in the great value of our city, Tijuana, as an innovative partner in the growth of our cross- border relationship with San Diego and the United States”.

Here are some pictures taken of ABC’s exhibit, friends and colleagues who  visited  along with staff, and some other images of Tijuana’s CECUT Cultural Center, where the conference / expo was held…

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