ABC Aluminum Solutions Announces Certification by Qualicoat, the leader in technically superior coatings – enabling ABC to offer the ultimate Pretreatment and Finishing solutions globally available.

Certification by this premium developer and supplier of proprietary coating formulas is extremely difficult to obtain. Qualicoat has U.S. Federal approval for coatings that include a broad array of defense applications – including for finishes undetectable by radar – so advanced is the research and chemistry that Qualicoat is recognized for. Equally, Qualicoat applies these levels of knowledge and expertise and the highest quality standards for solutions to every customer’s application.

Now ABC is a preferred supplier of Qualicoat finishes and the Diploma was issued today. Clearly, Qualicoat hands these out rarely, and ABC had to undergo a comprehensive program of assessment and evaluation. This examined ABC’s new state-of-the art vertical paint plant and ABC’s paint and coatings technicians’ capabilities and expertise in order to qualify for this prestigious accreditation that has such value and takes ABC to the highest level in finishing capabilities.

What this means for ABC’s customers is everything. For a start, Qualicoat supports ABC’s expert team with access to their full laboratory resources. Whichever industry, whatever application, from Aerospace and Architecture through Consumer Electronics to Tanks and Transportation, Qualicoat’s exclusive, advanced and Government approved formulas can do the job better than any other.

And obviously, the physical application of such science is as vital a part of the final appearance and durability as Qualicoat’s specific formula for the coating.

And Qualicoat and ABC as a partnership can refine not just the preparation, content and thickness of the coating but also the color. A wide range is offered. For more information about Qualicoat, please visit their website at

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO announced to ABC’s Executive Team and Staff today “I am so pleased to be able to thank you for all your hard work. Today we received sign-off from Qualicoat that we are a preferred supplier and applicator. We have always prided ourselves at every stage of production with emphasizing quality. And Akso Nobel has always supplied us with expertise and a great relationship and beautiful finishes. Qualicoat also offers Akso Nobel products and they too have an excellent partnership. Our certification by Qualicoat takes us to the top level of finishing options available anywhere in the World. This will be of tremendous additional value to our customers. Thank you”.

ABC Aluminum Solutions, also known as Aluminio de Baja California, is the region’s leading provider of beautiful, bespoke, high quality and economical aluminum manufacturing solutions with Global Headquarters in San Diego County, California.

With an extrusion plant housing the latest high-tech SMS-Meer and Presezzi presses, a recently added and sophisticated fabrication capability, and a multi-million dollar investment in the latest, technologically advanced, vertical painting and coating plant, on 60 acres just outside Tijuana, ABC presents a unique and productive sourcing opportunity.

ABC Aluminum is ideally placed for delivery not just to Mexico, but also the United States, Canada and overseas. 85% of manufacture is exported, and that is heading towards 90%. ABC has been nominated as Exporter of the Year by the World Trade Center in 2011 and 2012, and has been featured by the San Diego Business Journal alongside Kyocera as “Tijuana: A Success Story”.

The company meets full certification for ISO9001:2008 and is currently emphasizing expenditure on advanced test measurement and factory control systems.

For inquiries regarding your manufacturing projects, and ABC’s advanced capabilities, and also to discuss the best pretreatment and coating materials and technologies for your particular project, please call a member of the Engineering Management Team at 619 308 7839 or email

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