ABC Aluminum Solutions Adds Beautiful Wood Grain Finishes

ABC Aluminum has recently invested in Decoral’s patented manufacturing process and is currently installing the 801/2 with three trolleys and IM120 bagging machines that enable a wide range of wood grain finishes to be permanently bonded to aluminum extrusions up to 24 feet in length.

Decoral is based in Italy and has a U.S. subsidiary that is contracted to oversee the complete installation, provide comprehensive training and ongoing support and service.

The Decoral process has AAMA 2603 and 2604 Certification for quality; AAMA Certification incorporates a Qualicoat license; so buyers of product using the Decoral process have the greatest assurance of quality that meets the very best in global standards.

ABC Aluminum is one of only two companies in the South Western United States / California / Baja region offering wood grain finishes, and is the only one capable of these finishes in the largest dimensions available.The 801/2 machine is to be configured as a conveyor belt production line, with the capability of finishing 16 large size pieces in one trolley batch. As one trolley is in the application machine, another is being loaded and the third handles completed extrusions with their wood grain coating that are cooling and curing.

The wood finish is in a bag that is wrapped around the extrusion, is cut to length by the bagging machine and using a combination of photo-electric cells, vacuum sealing, ultrasonic welding, and oven heating for the curing process, the end result is a really beautiful and hard wearing finish in a wide range of realistic wood grains that are ready for use in a broad range of applications from windows and doors to railing systems to furniture; there are so many products that can benefit.

Wadih Kuri, ABC’s President and CEO said today” We are extremely pleased that after a year or more of planning, we are finally implementing this market-leading system. In conjunction with our multi-million dollar new vertical paint plant, our Qualicoat license 3106 just received, ABC’s automated anodizing plant, our bright dip capabilities and all the other finishes we have added, ABC Aluminum Solutions truly now is able to say that we have the capabilities for almost any finish imaginable. We thank Decoral for their tremendous assistance”.

For inquiries regarding your manufacturing projects, and ABC’s advanced capabilities, and also to discuss the best pretreatment and coating materials and technologies for your particular application, please call a member of the Engineering Management Team at 619 308 7839 or email Please also find ABC at

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