ABC Aluminum announces opening of plant 5 for fabrication of curtain wall systems, brake metal and other architectural products including storefront and windows and doors of advanced design

Commensurate with ABC’s decision taken last year to expand and diversify, beyond extruding, finishing and fabricating for major clients at its main 67 acre plant just south of Tijuana, towards downstream manufacturing of finished architectural products, the land and structure, now known as Plant 5 was leased as a skeleton structure with potential to achieve the plans in hand, in late 2014.

Plant 5 is about ten minutes away from the main plant and since then, has been specifically designed as a manufacturing center dedicated to the architectural industry. Plant 5 has in excess of 50,000 sq. ft. with its own reception and office areas, and all the support facilities to house a workforce of up to 100-plus employees, many of whom will have specialist skills.

Tim Tilton is the Plant 5 Manager. Tim joined ABC in early 2014 and has substantial experience in the architectural space, having worked over the years for such companies as Benson, and on prestigious and complex curtain wall design and installation projects, such as for the World Trade Center – Building 4 and the recladding of the United Nations building in New York. Some examples of his work were shown in the February 2nd Release.

Wadih Kuri, ABC’s President and CEO said today “the completion of Plant 5’s infrastructure represents the first step towards our goal of having a self-contained, and dedicated manufacturing capability for architectural products. Tim Tilton is extremely capable and has the support of the entire Plant 5 management team to take this exciting new venture towards a day in the near future when machining and assembly can begin. Thank you to everyone who has helped to achieve the vision and timeframe we set for this new addition to be completed, and on time and within budget”.

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