A Letter to the Station Commander and All Tijuana’s Heroic Frefighters

A Letter to the Station Commander and Tijuana’s Heroic Firefighters,

It was with great pleasure that the Kuri family and ABC Aluminum Solutions had this opportunity to show our sincere thanks, with a donation made in recognition, support, and appreciation of the tireless work, sacrifice, dedication, and bravery of you all, Tijuana’s committed and courageous firefighters.

On behalf of the family and everyone at ABC, thank you for the very warm reception received at the presentation ceremony you so kindly arranged.

We wish you good health and complete safety in all your undertakings and endeavors on our behalf, and in all that you do to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Tijuana and surrounding neighborhoods. We, in unison, so greatly rely upon your speed, skills, and strength.

Thank you again; we look forward to staying in touch.

Sincerely, kindest regards,

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