2 Tips For Handling Extruded Aluminum Tubing

When it comes to handling extruded aluminum tubing you should always have a couple of things on your mind, and the following tips will give you a better idea of what those things should be, and why.

1) Proper Gloves
Handling extruded aluminum tubing can be dangerous without a sturdy pair of work gloves, and you could end up cutting yourself pretty bad if you make a bad decision in this regard. Always wear gloves that are a close fit, and give you the maximum amount of maneuverability so that you can handle the tubing safely.

2) Proper Headgear
This really depends if you’re dealing with extruded aluminum tubing that is piled high up, or in a position that it could roll down on you. If this is the case then it’s important you find a steady work helmet that you’ve checked before you started working, and fits comfortably on your head.
These two tips might seem like common sense, and they are but a lot of people for a number of different reasons still refuse to follow them. Most of the time I’m sure they get away just fine, but there are times when that doesn’t happen, and you might end up wishing for the rest of your life that you decided to play it safe.

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