WONDER culture, ABC fosters a vision of personal and professional growth


The WONDER. culture, created by the American Toy company Mattel, integrates collaborators while nourishing their development under a mantle of leadership, companionship, well-being, and the pursuit of excellence at work while fostering human growth.  

Aluminio de Baja California, ABC has embraced the WONDER culture that fosters a vision of personal and professional growth at all levels and areas of the company, based on W.O.N.D.E.R.’s 6 key concepts. 

W (What if? Why not?) 

We start with innovation. How can we achieve better results by trying something new? Remain curious, focus on the client and find how you can have a greater impact.

O (One team) 

Collaboration and mutual support to form a strong group with common interests and goals are paramount. Support your colleagues to improve inside and outside the company. Set goals together; make your work an enjoyable and happy moment.

N (Nimble) 

Get things done quickly and practically. Often, the solution to complex situations lies in a simple answer. Constant and continuous analysis is important to simplify processes and act swiftly to deliver quality. Act decisively.

D (Driven) 

Be tenacious and persistent, push the envelope and go forward with bold goals. Focus on solutions and share both successes and failures. 

E (Entrepreneurial) 

This letter represents the can-do mentality that makes you lead teams and manage programs within the company. Keep an open mind. Learn from your failures. 

R (Respectful) 

Refers to an open mind, to listen to everyone without prejudice. We are all partners and have the common goal of customer satisfaction. Show your ethics, commitment, and integrity. 

Each month we will learn more about the W.O.N.D.E.R. scope at ABC and how it will help us consolidate ourselves as a successful organization both internally and externally. 

Incorporate the concepts of W.O.N.N.D.E.R. into our work culture and together we will achieve wonders as a company and as a team!

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