What Should You Look for in a Metal Fabrication Company?

Finding a company to do your metal fabrications is not hard. Finding a GOOD company is trickier.

Here are few things you should always look for when you’re deciding which company to do business with.

Are they a new company? You always want to work with a company that’s been in business many years and have built up a reputation for quality work and reliability. Ask if they have client list of past customers you can talk to.

Do they have any industry certifications such as: ISO9001:20000 Certification

Are they a one stop company? This means you can work with same engineers and technicians from start to finish. You need a company that works with you on the design of your project, handles custom aluminum extrusions and full production. You went them

to handle the finishing techniques such as anodizing. Plus, you want to be assured that they are checking quality standards through out the entire process. You want to be able to use the same company all the way through manufacturing until the product is shipped to you.

A good one stop shop metal manufacturing company to consider is: www.abc-aluminum.com

They’ve been in business for over two decades and they know the industry. Give them a call to receive a free quote on your company’s next project.

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