Wadih Kuri, President and CEO of ABC Aluminum Solutions, has recently been appointed as Vice President of CANACINTRA, Tijuana’s Chamber of Commerce for Industrial Transformation, Working Closely with the Newly Elected Chamber President Marcello Hinojosa Jimenez.

Together, they are championing a Dynamic New Plan to Steer Change and Opportunity for GDP Growth Across all Manufacturing Industry Sectors within Tijuana. This Includes Developing Partner-Relationships with the Baja Peninsular and Greater Mexico and, Importantly as well, Binational and Bilateral Relationships and Economic and Trade Opportunities with Southern California and Beyond.

IMG_0904Wadih Kuri’s reputation in the Tijuana region of Baja California as a person, a successful business leader, and someone who has been involved in cultural and charitable works within the city for a number of years, all combined to secure his appointment as Vice President within this very active Chamber of Commerce that represents manufacturers across each of the main industrial sectors.

Marcello Hinojosa Jimenez, the Chamber’s newly elected President and Wadih Kuri, working closely together, have a dynamic and winning new plan that was presented by Senor Hinojosa at a Closed Election Meeting.

CANACINTRA was established 30 years ago. The Chamber has 13 Board Members, each representing a sector of industrial manufacturing, for example Aerospace, Automotive Electronics, with the Environment and ‘Green’, also being represented by two of the 13. Membership currently stands at 1240 and there are some 15 employees.

After successfully winning election to the leadership of the Chamber, Senors Hinojosa and Kuri on the stage (and there are a couple of pictures below) said “Firstly, we thank you for this election and for the honor to serve the Chamber, the Board and all our Members; for the trust that you have bestowed upon us, and for selecting our dynamic vision for CANACINTRA’s next years ahead.

IMG_0900We truly believe that the Proposal presented to you today will further the opportunities for our Members, and the prosperity of Tijuana, for the benefit of all our hardworking employees and their families, and our entire Society.

And, as you have seen, an important plank of our plan is to build on the work of Senor Galicot and Senor Bustamante with Tijuana Innovadora in promoting the benefits, both cultural and economic, and in understanding, for building relationships across the Border with our neighbors in San Diego, and also in Orange County and Los Angeles, and beyond. All boats will rise if we achieve success in this direction; and we believe we can.

We will get to work immediately and do everything with full commitment towards fulfilling all the objectives we set out in front of you today.

Our great appreciation to everyone here, and who voted, and for your support. Thank you!”


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