The Perfect Cooking Equipment – Anodized aluminum

We all know how much aluminum utensils help in cooking and how easy it is to maintain them. To improve on the reliability and to get the most out of aluminum, anodized aluminum is manufactured. Anodized aluminum is done by immersing the aluminum material in an electrolyte such as sulfuric acid. Then it is given a low voltage charge to form the anodized aluminum.
This enhances and improves the characteristics of the metal, thus making it more useful than the normal aluminum utensil. If the acid solution freezes on the metal, then it is called as hard anodizing. This hard anodizing is about 30% stronger than stainless steel and has a longer life span.
Anodized aluminum is light in weight and is non conductive. This allows in proper utilization of the heat source and does not allow heat to get dissipated to the surroundings. The anodized aluminum can withstand up to 1200 degrees Celsius.
While buying new aluminum utensils for cooking, look for the type of anodizing done on the aluminum utensil. Anodized aluminum will help you with faster and more efficient way of cooking and also, making the utensils almost maintenance free; thus making anodized aluminum the ideal choice for your kitchen.

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