The Owners of ABC Aluminum Make an Address to All Employees: We Take Precautions. But Do Not Worry. You Are Secure. We Are All in This Together. We Protect Each and Every One of Your Jobs. We Stand Alongside You. One Way or Another, We Will Come Through.

Today, with Coronavirus on everyone’s minds, to allay fears and rally the morale and spirits of the staff, the Kuri Family gathered employees together in groups for each shift.  (ABC has close to 2,000 on its payroll). As an example of great leadership, Senor Kuri delivered a most important and significant message – approximately, this translates into English as follows:

“Good afternoon everyone. To our valued employees, each and every one of you. I have good news. I want to reassure you all. The Company stays. We all stay. The factory is not closing. In fact, we need more people. I want to assure you that your job is safe. We are not backing down, and you do not need to fear. I vouch for your job. People know me and know Wadih and know that we stand by our word. So, don’t worry. One way or another we will get through. We are not closing. This is not a factory that is moving somewhere else, or that will desert you, and nor will we. We are all in this together, and we stand alongside you, always.”

The response was electric with relief and elation. A palpable lifting of spirits and sense of renewed energy, commitment, purpose, and determination. 

Die Cast is more than just Molten Aluminum