The Aluminum Extrusion Process

Metals are not available in a particular form or shape. It is the duty of the manufacturer or workmen to impart the desired shape and size to the metal. Aluminum is one such metal that can be sized and shaped accordingly through a process named extrusion. Aluminum extrusion process is not entirely a new concept. In fact, there are several metals that can be given shape through this process.
As the name suggests, aluminum extrusion involves squeezing of aluminum metal through an orifice or an opening, to give the desired shape. This aluminum extrusion process can be carried in three ways, depending on the need and application of the aluminum parts, these processes are; hot extrusion, warm extrusion and cold extrusion.
When the temperature of the metal is maintained above the room temperature, it is said to be hot. In the hot aluminum extraction process, aluminum is heated and then let to pass through the pattern, whose shape the aluminum is supposed to take. On the other hand, when the temperature of the metal is maintained just above or equal to the room temperature, the process is said to be warm or cold extrusion processes respectively. However, the method or steps involved in the aluminum extrusion remain the same.

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