The ABC Family

ABC Members

ABC’s culture has been steadily evolving to the point where, and COVID has been a significant catalyst, every employee is part of a family – the ABC Family. The thinking throughout the company is “We support each other. We are in this together, We Grow together, and We will Win in this together”.

Such relationships and bonds do not tend to happen overnight, nor without purpose, initiative, effort, and dedication. And, in the case of a company such as ABC, leadership and active participation.

Many initiatives and programs have been introduced and expanded upon as the recent few years have passed; and have accelerated still further during the past months of the Coronavirus.

Beginning many years ago with the Christmas party, there has been progression year-on-year in its sophistication. Then community programs began to be added where employees could participate together, and then employee activity events such as the annual Talent-Fest were added in 2019, and now in 2020, programs such as ABC Holistics, that reaches out into employees’ homes, games, competitions and activities during the year for employees’ families to enjoy, and most recently, this month tickets for the El Trompo Children’s Museum in Tijuana have been distributed.

And, along the way, benefits have been provided commensurate with the company’s growth: medical facilities, heavily subsidized restaurant, free organized transportation to name a few, also extra features such as Back to School Money for every child of all staff members.

The community events involving staff volunteering include local area clean-ups and pet neutering days, to name two

In 2019, ABC introduced a full-time Communications Coordinator. In addition to frequent housekeeping announcements, birthdays are recognized, as are bereavements of employees’ close loved ones, sadly.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, said today “This is a work-in-progress, and it all accumulates to a point where today, within ABC and at home, there is a real sense of community, of belonging, of mattering, of appreciation…of being a valued part of a family: The ABC Family! At the forefront of our minds is how to consistently show appreciation to our clients and customers, and very much also, our employees.”

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