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Our Management Team

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO.

Wadih Kuri said today “our philosophy and culture has always been to consider that every one of our employees is a leader in their own right. They each and every one work hard and committedly, and all are respected equally; and I personally recognize, and always appreciate, their dedication.

The purpose of this announcement is really to allow others to be aware of those who we have been fortunate enough to win the loyalty of over the past years, and who happen to be very qualified for the overall lead positions in the company.

And we have made some relatively recent expansion in the top positions, as is required and necessary for a rapidly growing, world-class company, with all the needs and expectations that that responsibility entails.

So, I am pleased to more publicly recognize our senior management team, as follows; thank you, and my sincere thanks to them, but also to all our loyal staff not mentioned below:”

Rosa Ruvalcaba, COO, Vice President Operations

Rosa brings to ABC many years of exceptional education, career progression, and achievements; as Head of Quality Control (Pepsico/Frito-Lay), a 17 year career with Frito-Lay, and Head of Manufacturing (Plantronics) with 2300 employees under her management; and is looking forward to making a major contribution towards furthering ABC’s success, especially with regard to meeting all our customers’ needs and expectations. These include organization, production quality, and ABC’s ability to meet or exceed delivery commitments.

And in addition to her degree in engineering, and her 30-plus years of highly successful hands-on manufacturing leadership, Rosa has achieved many awards and certifications from highly respected management schools in the United States, and Mexico, just one of which is from MIT: Creating High Velocity Organizations.

Rosa takes an especial interest in not just team leadership, process improvement, product line expansion and new product delivery, but also in how to maximize employee motivation and advancement through the application of a challenging, yet common sense and thoughtful approach to management.

Mauricio Villarreal, Chief Operating Officer

In 1995, Mauricio graduated from the University of Monterey with a Degree in Industrial Engineering. He was with Tecnol for two years as a Structural Engineer and at Indalum (Mexico’s second largest extrusion manufacturer after Cuprum) for seven, ultimately becoming Plant Manager.

Mauricio has been with ABC for the past nine years, and during that time has taken responsibility for executing the design and development of ABC’s wholesale expansion; as an example: a new press is ordered – Mauricio designs, instructs and oversees every detail of the new building layouts, press installation through to operation, and similarly the control systems, run-out tables, ovens, quench tanks, always with close attention to workflow efficiency.

Mauricio is there from breaking ground to ribbon-cutting.

A sleeves-rolled-up approach, there is nothing that gets the better of this superb engineer. Mauricio ensures the seamless day-to-day production as well. Mauricio also is fluent in English and Spanish.

Edgar Lopez, Manager of New Product Development

Edgar graduated from the University of Tijuana with a degree in Architecture, and then spent three years as an architectural designer with the Government, after which he joined Mecalux and was responsible for designing their innovative warehouse racking system solutions.

Edgar joined ABC in 2012 and immediately applied his talents to learning everything ABC had to offer regarding engineering. Integrating his architectural training with a natural aptitude and interest in engineering, Edgar mastered every nuance of ABC’s technology, and excelled. We congratulate Edgar in his recent promotion to Manager of New Product Development. Edgar too is bi-lingual.

Monica Figueroa, Director of Sales

Graduating as an Industrial Engineer, Monica brings to ABC a great work ethic, and the knowledge and understanding of how to hire and manage a great team; and a team that understands the expectations of international customers.

This is especially important because 90% of ABC’s production is for clients in the U.S. and Canada, even Europe. Bosch is a client as are other leaders in their respective industries.

Monica has Fortune 500 company experience, the most recent of which was with Plantronics where she had a similar role, and from where we were fortunate to hire her. Monica also speaks English perfectly.

Tim Evans, Director of Marketing

A banker (Chartered Institute) and a Credit Trained Marketing Officer and Assistant Treasurer with The Chase Manhattan Bank, now J.P. Morgan Chase, in London, 17 years, with clients including American Airlines and Mercedes Benz, Tim has since been the owner of The City Search Consultancy, in London and Atlanta, that he sold, then Head of Research for a leading international headhunting firm (Mayfair-based Norman Broadbent International) with five offices in the U.S. (U.S. Head Office in Atlanta) placing executives for Times 100 companies. Transitioning to marketing with a 25 year established advertising agency based in Pittsburgh, with offices in L.A. and San Diego, Tim has very successfully led ABC’s marketing since 2009, and is now increasingly involved with managing relationships as well.

Juan Jose Arias, Director of Quality – Production and ISO

An Industrial Engineer by background, Juan Jose is a valuable recent addition to the ABC team. With Quality Control being his driving force, and with a deep understanding of the latest software management-systems technology, ABC’s successful introduction of the LIBRA workstation production and control software has been assured. ABC’s hallmark stands for quality, and Juan Jose is a vital leader in ensuring that our standards excel expectations. Juan Jose too is bi-lingual.

Victor de la Torre, Project Manager – Automotive

Graduating from the University of Guadalajara as an Industrial Engineer, Victor has 24 years in the Aluminum Extrusion Industry – an outstanding 22 year career with Aluminio Conesa has culminated in our being fortunate to have inherited all that experience. Victor has been with ABC for the past two years.

That experience spans: Planning (Planner), Production (Superintendent), Quality (Manager), Project and Development (Manager). Victor is expert in ISO and has detailed experience with implementing Quality Standard ISO 9001, Environmental Standard ISO 14001 and Automotive Standard ISO/TS 16949.

Additionally, Victor has participated in almost every one of the major aluminum extrusion seminars (held every four years) since 1992 and has been an Evaluator in State and National Quality Awards. 12 subjects passed in Master Business Administration (ITESO Guadalajara).

Victor is fluent in English and Spanish