Ms. Beatriz Ramirez transfers from Alumitran S.A.U., Madrid, Spain, to join ABC Aluminum Solutions, as Sales Director

With ABC Aluminum’s continuing strong growth, an international search has been underway to find a highly qualified aluminum industry specialist for the position of Sales Director, and the candidate was also required to have great expertise in the company’s priority area of meeting exemplary customer service expectations.

Requirements included having expert knowledge to provide optimum advice for product design and choice of manufacturing specifications, experience of monitoring quality within every stage of production, through managing on-time-delivery and every aspect of customer satisfaction.

In short, ABC’s requirement has been to identify and hire a person who can guarantee the very best in Relationship Building and Management of Customer Service. Today, ABC Aluminum Solutions is very pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Beatriz Ramirez as Sales Director, who joined November 27th.

Beatriz Ramirez graduated in 2000 with a Law Degree from U.N.E.D. in Madrid. In conjunction with post-graduate education that includes Management at the Institute for National Research, the weight of her career experience has been with Alumitran S.A.U. where she rose quickly through the ranks to be responsible for key relationships in Spain, the U.K., Germany, France and Italy.

Beatriz Ramirez has many differentiating achievements on her resume, and has the goals of not just taking ABC’s client relationships to the next level, but also to elevating our standards of customer service to those of being the best in the industry, mirroring her success in managing every aspect of Customer Relationships and Service at Alumitran.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO announced today:

“I am extremely pleased to announce that Beatriz Ramirez has agreed to join our senior management team as Sales Director. Beatriz brings a professional and driven personality combined with grit and determination, has world-class skills, several languages, and years at the highest level within the aluminum industry.

Beatriz is expert in all technical aspects of extruding and finishing aluminum, and her conscientious attention to detail when it comes to ensuring customer expectations are met and exceeded was definitely our other deciding factor.

Beatriz, welcome to the ABC Aluminum Solutions family. We wish you a long and successful and happy career with us”.

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