Maquiladoras Work Around Obstacles and Ramp Up Expansions

In May, ABC Aluminum Solutions added 12,000 square feet of building space to its existing 60-acre-plus Tijuana plant, where the company produces both custom and home industry products. There are a variety of
processes and finishes, including anodizing and painting, that the company applies to products to achieve important qualities and the demand for services and products runs high.

“This is a very difficult time for many companies in our industry, but our family-run business has grown significantly over the last decade, and we continue to experience year-over-year revenue increases,” said ABC Aluminum President and Chief Executive Officer Wadih Kuri. “ABC Aluminum’s enlarged manufacturing facilities will help us meet our customers’ needs in this everchanging market.”

The location is being developed because of its proximity to the U.S. market where ABC Aluminum is seeing increasing demand. The high-quality work force and close proximity to the market are essential to the decision. The collapse of consumerism has hurt the most, according to Hans Stadelbauer, president of Border Assembly Inc., which helps companies set up and run maquiladoras in Baja. The company is based in San Diego with offices in Los Angeles and Tijuana.

“We are very dependent on the U.S. economy, on consumer demand and it’s not going too well,” he said. “It has begun to get a little better but we are holding our breath.”

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