Know the Aluminum Painting Preparations

Aluminum panels are naturally anti-corrosive in nature because of the impenetrable oxide layer that forms over its surface. However, when the aluminum surface is painted, the panel seems to last much longer. Nevertheless, the paint does peel off over time, leaving the aluminum surface exposed again. Before the old paint wears off completely, the new coat shall be applied. But, make sure that the new coat applied does not chip away during heavy showers. To ensure this, the surface of the aluminum panel must be prepared well.
Aluminum painting needs a lot of care, as the thinner and primer used in this job are harmful for the operator. Before applying the thinner, wear the safety gear like rubber gloves, boots, safety goggles and a face mask to stay protected against the fumes. Then, take a rag, dip it into a thinner and apply the thinner thoroughly throughout the aluminum surface. The thinner will dissolute the old paint, which indicates that it is time to wash off the panels for the next stage of aluminum painting.
Use a good primer, again with the help of a rag, to prepare the panel before applying the aluminum paint. Lastly, the aluminum panels must be left in sunlight for the paint to dry.

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