CNC Machining – It’s Importance in Aluminum Manufacturing

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining begin in the 1970s. It is now used in almost every type of manufacturing.

What CNC machining does is allow certain machines to be programmed by a computer to perform repetitive tasks that would have previously had to be done by a person.

For instance, if you wanted to drill a whole a certain depth into a car component you program a machine to work the drill. The computer program controlling the drill would “tell” the drill the speed to drill, the exact size of hole to drill, and the depth to drill.

The benefits of CNC machining are many. While a person might drill one hole one size and the next a little smaller or slightly deeper the machine will drill exactly the same hole the same size each time. The machine doesn’t get tired, or careless, or bored.

CNC machining is also safer, such human error can result in accidently drilling a finger.

Machines are also cheaper to operate than human employees.

When dealing with aluminum manufacturing it is imperative that the fabrication and extrusion is done to exact standards. Each piece must be exactly the same as the next and made to precision standards.

When you’re looking for a company to handle your aluminum manufacturing you want to be sure they use the latest in CNC machining.

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