Basic Features of Aluminum Tubing

Main properties of aluminum material make it perfect for aluminum tubing. This is used in different formats in the field of manufacturing and construction. Aluminum is strong and light weight that can conduct electricity and heat both.
Different shapes of extruded aluminum tubing
Normally, the formula of strength to weight is applied in the process of aluminum tubing. This makes it better choice than copper or steel metal. Automotive fields generally make use of aluminum because of its heat shielding property. These characteristics of aluminum can put it to the front for certain kind of application in automotive field. It can be easily shaped to fit any type of design and there is no need of any additional expenses to be done. Tubing can be easily shaped in cylindrical and square shapes. Extruded aluminum shapes are better to use anywhere in the practical applications. It is always better to use pressure rating while you are using bend radius.
Heat treatment at High Temperature
When you use aluminum tubing in such a environment where high temperatures is there it is always suggested to make use of heat treated aluminum. This can easily bare the high temperature. It works smooth in very low temperature but it requires heat treatment to stand high temperature environment.

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