Anodized Aluminum – Why is this Such a Popular Product in so many Industries?

Aluminum is a popular metal in many industries such as aerospace, railroads, trucks, cans, and roofing.

Why is it the metal of choice for so many types of uses and industries?

Though it is strong, aluminum is one third the thickness and density of steel which makes it practical for industries where strength is needed but in a lighter weight.

Aluminum is 100% recyclable. Every company should try to its part by being green. And aluminum is environmentally friendly.

When other metals are added to aluminum it’s called an aluminum alloy. The problem this causes is that aluminum alloys are not as resistant to corrosion. This is why the process of creating anodized aluminum was developed. It increases the resistance to corrosion, allows for coloring or dyeing of the product to various colors, improves its ability to adhere to primer or paint, and increase the hardness of the surface of the aluminum.

Through the process of aluminum extrusion aluminum parts can be produced in a multitude of shapes. A metal fabrication company does this by using their stock die molds or by creating custom dies for specialized projects.

When you’re looking for metal manufacturing company be sure you find one that’s been in business for many years. This is a complex industry that requires experiences engineers and a state of the art facility.

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