Aluminum Tubing

About Tubing
Aluminum square tubing and rectangular tubing helps in flowing different substances like liquids, gases, powders, slurries and mass of solids. It is generally also known as pipes that are small sized hollow cylinders. They are much stronger than solid piping. Aluminum tubing is generally used for variety of purposes. They are used for water systems, gas, scaffolding and oil refinery instruments. They can also be used in processing plants where we can transport bulky materials and other things.
How tubing is made?
Extruded aluminum tubing is made from different materials like steel, stainless steel, carbon steel and brass. Typical kind of tubing is made from ceramics, metals, plastics and concrete material. But, out of all these tubing done with Aluminum is one of the best. There are two different types of methods that determine the size of pipes, one is called European and other method is known as American method. European method is generally also called DN that is measured in millimeters. American method is also known as NPS that is measured in inches. If you measure the outer side diameter of tubing, generally pipes of similar sizes are attached together even their internal diameters are different then each other. There are almost ten different pipe standards are used in tubing.

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