About Aluminum Extrusion

People are very well aware with aluminum extrusions, we all are surrounded with it in our whole life. Almost today, all commercial windows are made with extruded aluminum. Even structural base of wings of airlines are also made from aluminum extrusion. In general terms, extrusion means main utilization of aluminum followed with casting. Aluminum extrusions are generally utilized in every aspect of our life.
Process of Aluminum Extrusions
Question here is, how does this process actually works? It is very simple and straight forward. Round aluminum roads are heated first to its melting point and after that they are simple pushed in dies shape and then final product is prepared. Once the aluminum comes out from that dies then it is given straight shape and cut to its normal length. This is done based on the specification then aluminum is hardened at normal room temperature. Then custom aluminum extrusions can be hardened quenching. This is the process in which they perform the rapid cooling of material and in hardening process means cooling the material at room temperature. Generally, extruded aluminum will reach it’s harden age and its maximum strength in almost one week time after the extrusion is being performed. Then further it is also kept on hold for a specific temperature for a specific period of time after the process of rapid cooling.

Die Cast is more than just Molten Aluminum