ABC’s New Presezzi 10inch Press, On Order, and Now in the Process of Being Shipped, Delivery Expected Soon.

This image shows just a part of the complex installation – the Run-Out tables and Dual Pullers. This press will double ABC’s capacity for larger-sized extrusions – essentially any shape that can be pushed and drawn through a 10inch diameter. For example, large chassis rails for load-bearing truck trailers.

In addition to the long Kevlar (for smooth rolling) run-out tables, that enable the extruded lengths to sit and cool, before being stretched and sawn to length, there are highly technical control systems that operate the press and all its functions, and the 3500MT press itself, oven and all other ancillary equipment, to be installed.

Completion is expected during Summer 2019. Progress will be monitored here, with further announcements as the project takes each step towards being fully operational.

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