ABC Wadih Kuri Appointed as Delegate to the Aluminum Council in Mexico, that is Closely Integrated with Mexico’s Equivalent of the U.S.’s Department of Commerce

In Recognition of Wadih Kuri’s Leadership of ABC Aluminum Solutions, as a Successful Employer of 1250 Skilled Employees, and a Significant Provider of Aluminum Extrusions Across North America, the Tribute of being a Delegate representing CANALUM, Mexico’s Aluminum Council, has been Awarded.

Wadih Kuri said today “this is a great honor, and I will do everything that is expected of me, to promote the interests of the Aluminum Industry and develop international relationships, working closely with respected organizations representing the United States and Canada, in order that as a collective, we protect, emphasize the benefits of, and together grow, the industry throughout North America, with Mexico being recognized as a valuable contributor”.

There will be regular meetings in conjunction with the Mexican Government and leaders across the spectrum, and liaison with the United States especially, but also, importantly, Canada as well.

The first meeting that Wadih Kuri, Owner, President and CEO, of ABC Aluminum Solutions, attended, since his Appointment, was held in Mexico City today.

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