ABC is Awarded the 2021 AIT Worldwide Logistics Diamond Customer Award

ABC wins the accolade for the second consecutive year in a row.

ABC Aluminum Solutions is proud and honored to receive the AIT Worldwide Logistics Diamond Customer Award for outstanding trade and production volume; which could not be achieved without the relationships, processes, actions, and strategies that have fostered development and trust between AIT and ABC.

AIT Award
ABC, Diamond Customer Of The Year

ABC’s Global Accounts Director Marco Garcia and Operations Manager Gabriela Hernandez are fully committed to continuing the efforts to enhance ABC’s commercial reach to a worldwide market that is longing for high-standing aluminum quality.

Of over 100 companies in Mexico that compete for the award, only a few achieve this distinguished accolade 

“For the second consecutive year we were awarded the prestigious diamond customer award for the high international logistics turnover in 2020 & 2021. We would like to share this award with the community and assure them that we will continue giving our best to maintain ABC’s worldwide recognition as a leader in the industrial environment”

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