ABC Supports its Manufacturing Growth with Additional Management Skills Throughout the Plant, and an Advanced Training Program for All Departments and Every Level of Production.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO said today “along with our investment in capital equipment, our most important asset is our people, our loyal and hard-working management and staff, at every level. So, ABC is introducing a program of training across all departments.

Our ability to maintain a clean and safe environment, yet deliver, within that priority, products for our customers of the highest quality and within the timeline promised, should be the expectation and goal of every one of us. This is our mission.

More details will be announced. Thank you for the effort and commitment that I know you all already bring each day. In addition to the schooling you are going to receive through the months ahead, we are going to be introducing an advanced Employee Suggestion Program throughout the factory, and we are going to provide Achievement and Performance Awards in addition to those already in place.

Ultimately, we are all a team, and our collective goal is, as mentioned, to deliver quality, quality and quality, safely and on schedule. Our customers expect this, and with their confidence in ABC’s ability to continuously meet these expectations competitively, we will continue to grow as a company and all of us prosper as individuals”.

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