ABC Staff Donate Time for a Pet Neutering Event for the Local Community as this month’s contribution to ABC’s 2017 Social Responsibility Program

Tents were erected and vets arranged; then ABC’s staff, who had previously advertised this event within the local community, welcomed and hosted residents from Santa Fe, ABC’s neighboring town that has been newly constructed adjacent to the plant during the past twenty years.

IMG_4236The invitation, and this extended to employees as well, was to bring pets, mainly dogs and cats, to a complimentary neutering service paid for by ABC.

This was another practical way to demonstrate ABC’s appreciation of the local community and give back in a small way. Neutering can be expensive in Mexico, so there was a real value that was appreciated by responsible pet owners who would otherwise be paying out-of-pocket.

Refreshments were provided, and friendly conversations with residents and neighbors ensued, resulting, altogether, in this being a fun and bonding experience for the staff and visitors.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO addressed the assembled group during the day and said

“it is a pleasure to welcome you all. We greatly value not just our staff, many of whom have brought their pets today, but also, and very much, all of you who we value as neighbors, who have joined us with yours. And I also want to thank the managers and volunteers who made this possible.

As a major employer and presence in Santa Fe and the surrounding area, we have a responsibility, and want wherever possible to convey our thanks and appreciation through practical means, such as today’s event – we strive not to be an inconvenience, but a benefit. There is a program of events on the calendar for 2017; we did a Spring Clean of the plant and its surroundings last month, we have the newly paved bypass road just recently completed, and we are arranging a children’s party on April 30th, so please come, and tell your friends. We look forward to seeing you.

Thank you again for coming and we are looking forward to seeing you all again very soon”

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